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As your Yiwu purchase & export agent, it means you have an office in Yiwu/China, we can save your time and money. Our agent services is not only limited in Yiwu city, we can help you to do business in any other places of China. We can get best price from factories of various commodities,such as Arts and Crafts, Daily-use markets, Imitation jewelry, hair ornament, Stationery, Toy, Artifical flowers, Socks, Shoes, Bags&baggage, Scarf&Shawls, Gloves, Bedding, Towel, Lighter, Glasses, Hardware&tool, Electric&electronic, Kitchenware, Clock&watch, Cosmetic, Underwear, Garments, Necktie, Zipper, Auto accessory, Photo frame & picture frame, Raincoat & umbrella, Christmas items, Machinery and equipment etc. And taking you to look around the factories together. As your agent, we can book hotel, market guide, airport pick-up, product sourcing, purchasing, translation, commodity quality control&inspection, checking factory, warehouse storage, customs declaration, container loading, international shipping(by sea or by air), preparation for customs clearance documents etc.

We would like to be your honest, economic, reliable and long-term partner in China. Welcome to contact us.

Note:Because of there are many harassing & spam calls in china, especially starting from+86-17...number , we won't pick up these callings unless you tell me by wechat or email in advance.

We are the same side, your trust is very important to us, we need your trust!

We supply we care, we stand together!

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Contact: Mr. Niko

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Email: agent.yiwu.china@gmail.com

Add: F6010-6011,MingHao Building,BingJiang Road,Yiwu,China

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