Yiwu Agent Service

Advantages of Yiwu Agent

Advantages of Yiwu Agent

 If you choose us to be your yiwu/China agent, that is meaning follows:

1)you have a partner/ office branch in yiwu/ china,we can go to any other cities to help you.

2)You can save your time and money to find out the best suppliers,

3)You can easily and quickly visit the suppliers, checking factories,

4)We can help you quality control in the factories,

5) We can help you products inspection, and collecting goods,

6)You can easily to prepare customs documents for export,

7)You can easily to arranging container loading,

8)You will get an efficient international shipping.

  There are so many benefits to cooperate with us.

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Contact: Mr. Niko

Phone: 0086-13750925921

Tel: WeChat:+8613750925921

Email: agent.yiwu.china@gmail.com

Add: No 62#,Chou Guan 2 district, ChouJiang,Yiuwu,China

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