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Yiwu Agent Commission,Yiwu Sourcing Commission,What is the commission rate of purchase & export agent service in Yiwu?

We charge an affordable commission (lowest to 2%) based on your goods purchase value and total numbers of suppliers. Generally speaking, the commission is 3%~5% in the market. It can be negotiated with us, welcome to contact us for our future cooperation.

(No include the inland charge)

What service you can offer?

We supply reliable and professional agent service, and affordable. For the commission, we have a lot of work to do, we must pay for staff salary for their carefully and seriously working atitude:

1) we have a specialist interpreter go to yiwu markets with you together all day until your container order finished.
looking for the best supplier with your together,write down all of your requirements about your order,open the order invoice,pay for deposite for your order,

2) Our specialist will go out with you together to visit different factories nearby yiwu city, so you can choose the best factory.

3) our specialist will go to factory to check quality for you during processing,if you need,(extra 200rmb/day as staff salary) .

4) our specialist will collecting goods for you, strictly inspect quality of 30%~50% products depends on differents,

5) We are customer's side, any problems about your products, we will notify you in time, and will do next step according to your final decision,

6) The important points is that our staff will go to look for your best suppliers with you together until your products purchasing order is finished. (max up to 10 days for free)

7) We only charge commission from our clients, not charge any commission from supplier, so that our clients can get the best net price from suppliers. It can avoid the supplier reduce materials to make sure their profits and offer low quality products, you know, if supplier still need pay for commission to agent, they will get little profits, how to promise your products quality?

That's why still so many clients from America, european & pacific countries choose us to be their yiwu china purchase & export agent, enjoy our top notch service.

There are several agents said they only charge Low to 1% commission fee,yes,how much commission they charge, how many works they will do, how much time they will spend on your order, hope you can understand it.

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