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International Trade Mart (District 1 )

Founded in October, 2001, the International Trade Mart (District 1) is officially put into operation on 22 October, 2002 which occupies 420 Mu and a building area of 340,000 m2 with a total investment of 700 million. It is divided into five main business areas: subject of the market, manufacturer outlet center, shopping center, warehousing center and catering center. There are more than 9000 booths and over 10500 business entities in total. The 1st floor deals in flowers and toys, the 2nd floor for jewelry, arts & crafts on the 3rd floor, manufacturer outlet center on the 4th floor and sourcing center of foreign trade companies in the east subsidiary building.

The International Trade Mart is a Commodity trading Market intergrating modernization internationalization and informatization.It has realized serveral transformations since it was put into service:firstly,it has transformed from the traditional trade to modern business mode Which is mainly of commodity exhibition,negotiation,Order fulfillment and E-commerce.The international Trade Mart is honored as "Permanent Fair "By foreign customers;Secondly,it has realized  the transformation that foreign trade exceeds domestic trade.the daily customers reach 40,000 and 5,000 of which are foreign customres.the export rate of commodities is above 60%,more than 95% of the booths accept foreign trade business and the commodities are exported to over 200 countries and regions;thirdly,it has realized the intellectualization of hardware facilities in the market.The whole market has easy accessibility of crowd passage.logistics service and information.It is equipped with 37 elevators and escalators,the automobiles have access from floor 2-4 and over 13,000 broadband interfaces in the market enable every booth to realize online business and consult information on the net.The International Trade Mart(District 1)is an appointed shopping&tourism spot by zhejiang Tourist Bureau and is titled the first "Five -star market" of zhejiang Province by provincial Industrial&Commercial Bureau,In 2005,the market passed the assessment of national AAAA Scenic Spot .

International Trade Mart(District 2)

Open on 22 October,2004,International Trade Mart (District 2)occupies 483Mu,Over 600,000m2 building area,above 8000booths and the business entities exceed 10.000. The first floor deals in suitcases & bags,umbrellas and raincoat; the second floor deals in hardware tools & fittings, electrical products,locks  and vehicles; the third floor deals in kitchenware & sanitaryware,small home appliances,telecom facilities,electronic instruments & equipments,watches & clocks etc; the fourth floor is manufacturer outlet center and other high-class business area such as HK Hall, Korea Hall, Sichuan Hall etc; on the fifth floor, there is sourcing & service center of foreign trade; on floor 2-3 of the central hall, there are tourism & shopping center and Historical Museum of china Commidity Mart. There are supporting facilities, including industrial &  commercial bureau, tax bureau, local police station, banks, restaurants, logistics, post office, telecom companies and other functional departments and service organizations, in the east subsidiary building. And the market has business building, office building, four-star hotel, east and west square as well as sightseeing bus around the market. In 2005, the international Trade Mart passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and the assessment of national AAAA scenic spot.

International Trade Mart District 3

The International Trade Mart (District 3) has 460.000 m2 building area, over 6000 standard booths of 14 m2 on floor 1-3, more than 600 booths of 80-100 m2 on floor 4-5 and manufacturer outlet center on the fourth floor. The industries in the market cover cultural products, sports products, cosmetics, zippers, buttons and apparel accessories etc.

The maket was equipped with central air conditioners, broadband system, Web TV, datacenter and firefighting & security monitoring center. There are smooth passages for crowd and goods inside the market. Automobiles have access to various floors and many parking lots were built on the ground and roof. It provides a full range of services including modern logistics, E-business, international trade, financial services,accommodation catering and entertainment etc.

Yiwu International Trade Mart sincerely welcome customers both at home and abroad, manufacturers, foreign trade service agencies to join us and pomote mutual development.

International Trade Mart(District 4)

officially put into operation on 21st October, 2008  Yiwu international Trade Mart (District 4) occupies  1,080,000 m2 building area and holds above 16,000 booths. It is the sixth generation of Yiwu markets in its development history. The first floor of international Trade Mart (District 4) deals in socks; the second floor deals in daily necessities,gloves,hats & caps, knitted and cotton goods; the third floor deals in shoes, knitted belt, lace, ties, yarn, towel etc. And the fourth floor deals in bras, underware, belts, scarves. There are elevated driveways inside the market, so that people can drive to every floor. The parking place of the market is plentiful. Besides the huge underground parking place, there are also many floor parking places and roof parking areas. On both sides of the market , there are attached buildings, which integrates logistics, E-commerce, international trade, finance services, catering services into a whole. Moreover, some special business and entertainment facilities like 4D cinema, tourism and shopping centers also contained in the market, Yiwu International Trade Mart (District 4) borrows the ideas from designs of present international large scale business centers, and it is a mixture of many high-tech systems including central air conditioning system, large electrical information screen, broadband network system, LCD television system,solar energy generation system, rainfall recycling, automatic skylight roof as well as flat escalators etc. International Trade Mart (District 4) is a wholesale market which is of highest in technology and internationalization presently in China. Meanwhile it is also the langmark bulding of the midernization of Yiwu Market.

International Trade Mart (District 5)

International Trade City District 5 is the landmark of Yiwu transformation and upgrade.Yiwu municipai party committee and municipal government carries out scientific outlook on development and promotes building of Yiwu international famous business and commerce city. It is the key project.

International Trade City District 5 is located at the south of Yiwu Integrity road and north of Yinhai road, It bordes upon 37 provincial road at the east and the fourth section of international trade city on the west. The traffic is convenient and fast . The advantage of this section is richly endowed by nature. This market covers an area of 266.2 mu and floor area of 640 thousand square meter with total investment of 1.42 billion yuan. It has five floors overground and two floors underground and over 7000 business stores, running import commodity ,bedding, dry goods, raw material of knit, automobile appliance and accessories.

International Tade City District 5 uses advanced ideal of international lage scale business center, having E-commerce system, intelligent safety system, logistics short distribution syetem, financial service system. It is also has complete supporting facilities such as central air-conditioning,big electronic signs, wide band, data centre, surrounded overhead lane, large park, rain recoverer,automatic scuttle. It is called as internationalism business center which gathers functinos of shopping, tourist and relaxation. It is a global smallware wholesale market which has the highest level of modernization and internationalization in inland.

Top 18 Markets in Yiwu:

1) Yiwu Jewelry Market

2) Yiwu Artificial Flowers Market

3) Yiwu Toys Market

4) Yiwu Arts & Crafts Market

5) Yiwu Suitcases & Bags Market

6) Yiwu Clocks & Watches Market

7) Yiwu Rainwear & Umbrellas Market

(8) Yiwu Office & School Supplies Market

9) Yiwu Sports & Outdoor Market

10) Yiwu Cosmetics Market

11) Yiwu Socks Market

12) Yiwu Belts Market

13) Yiwu Towels Market

14) Yiwu Shoes Market

15) Yiwu Daily Use Products Market

16) Yiwu Gloves & Mittens Market

17) Yiwu Hats & Caps Market

18) Yiwu Scarves & Shawls Market

19) Yiwu Bras & Underwear Market

Yiwu International Furniture Market

Yiwu Furniture Maket is more and more noticed by foreign customers, for its nice shopping environment, considerate after-sale,rich furniture products and reasonable marketing concept.

Yiwu Old Furniture Market

Zhan Qian road furniture market is a good option for furniture purchasing on a budget. Typical items for sale include beds, desks, sofa beds, chairs, office furniture, tables and coat stands.

Yiwu Tongdian Furniture Market

Tongdian Furniture Market  provides cheap price furniture of second hand and new ones. Chairs, beds, sofas, cabinets, etc are available. Its near Yiwu international trade city.

Yiwu Huangyuan Clothing Market

Yiwu new Huangyuan Market formally opened recently. It is located in the most prosperous business area of embroidered lake. The south of this market is Jiangbin Road, the south is  Middle Chouzhou Road and the west is Huangyuan Road. The market covers an area of 117 acres and the building area is more than 420 thousand square meters. The total investment is RMB1.4 billion. Moved from Binwang Road to the river bank, the operating style of Huangyuan Market upgraded from outside to inside. Compared with the 2.8 square meters open booth, Huangyuan market set up14.4 square meters closed glass booth. It takes unit regionalism and the channel is capacious and bright. Thus satisfied the shop owners requirements of manage exhibit, field negotiation on-the-spot trade. Meanwhile, broadband has been connected to households and the popularization of the POS machine have created favorable conditions for the Internet businesses of the shop owners.  These will also promote the rapid development of intangible market.

Huangyuan market is divided into 8 floors overground and 1 floor underground. There are more than 5000 booths. From the first floor to the fifth floor are jeans,men's clothing, women's clothing, sportswear,woolen sweaters, childre's clothing and so on. they are positioned as the professional clothing maket. The eighth and the ninth floors are projected as local characteristic boutiques, which will adopt the predominant enterprises of clothing industry on national base. The opening of Ywu Huangyuan Market will do not doubt enrich the selling patterns of commercial tenants. It will be good for the clothing industry to grow bigger and stronger. And believe that more and more business clients from home and abroad will be attracted here. Yiwu commodity city will be more and more famous and the economy will surely be promoted greatly.

Yiwu Food Wholesale Retail Market

The new Food Wholesale Market was officially put into use in October,2008, which locates in Xicheng Road and between the overpass of west Chengzhong Road and Chengxi river. The market has a total stipulated area of 68749.5 square meters, with a construction space of 32662.42 square meters. This 5-storey building costs 280million yuan to come into being and its underground and upper floor is for parking.

The first and second floors provide all variety of dried food, wine and daily consumption goods and have 2147 booths currently; the third floor is used for distribution center of different specialty from diverse factories, as well as reception and office site. The fourth and fifth floors are equipped with relating service departments like commerce, finance,tax,market supervision and property management. Due to the wide-range food offered here, many people are attacted to purchase for wholesale or retail.

Yiwu Flower and Pants Market

Yiwu Flower and Plants Market cover an area of 130000 square meters and investment capital of 150million yuan. It is one part of the Yiwu Agricultural Trading Market, which cosists of other items  like fruits, vegetable, sugar cane, and livestock. Inside the market also has various antiques shops offering calligraphy, scripts, paintings, stone carvings, wooden carvings and handicrafts. There are many stalls and outdoor booths attracting customers fromvarious regions and countries. You can buy diverse kinds ou flowers and plant trees for decoration or business purpose. The market is becoming more and more popular nowadays.

Yiwu Knitting Market

Yiwu Knitting Market is Zhejiang three-star civilization market, built by Yiwu market develop & invest centre, located in 93#, Chengzhong Middle Road, Yiwu.

Yiwu Knitting Market covers an area of  25,357 square meters, its construction area is about 60,000 square meters and business area is 41000 square meters. There are 2012 boothes, 258 stores in the first floor,where is special in hosiery; on the second floor, raw materials  and knitting machines cover the zone, with 256 stores.

There are nearly 200 distributors and agents in Yiwu Knitting Markets. Native brands products occupy about 70% market, sales of socks is about 30% of the country's tital sales.

Knitting Market are equipped with public security, taxation, labor associations, public security, finance, catering, property management and other daily services, also has a business negitiation room, "365" service hall,business center, room service broadcasting, strengthen and expand the market for the knitting and achieve the Government's strategy.

Yiwu Special Commercial Markets

Yiwu Xiawang Hotel Equipment & Supplies City

Yiwu Xiawang Hotel Equipment & Supplies City is located in District D, Xiawang, opposite to Yiwu, Yiwu International Trade City.

Xiawang Hotel Equipment & Supplies City is definied as the national hotel supplies trade centre, with one-stop service including display, trade, logistics, warehouse and administration.

As the only one wholesale market in the Yangtse delta, Xiawang hotel equipment and supplies city is estabilishing business relationship with domestic markets, as well as oversea markets. Xiawang hotel equipment and supplies market(Yiwu) owns more than 900 boothes,its occupation is about 100.000.00 square meters. Its main scope involves kitchen equipment, furniture and furnishiings, tableware, bedroom supplies, cleaning and laundry equipment, textiles and uniforms, coffee, tea and food, hotel technology; Tableware, melamine tableware, cooking utensils, alcohol stove, glassware, glass turntable, gold and silver, chopsticks class.

Yiwu Xiawang Doors Street

Yiwu Xiawang Doors Street, locating in the center of Jiangdong street Xiawang new village, is at the opposite of the Yiwu International Expo Center. The doors market occupies an area of over 40,000 square meters, with its specialized business range in burglar-proof doors, wooden doors, door sets, iron doors, as well as such hard wares like locks, hinges and handles. It is a cluster of national qualified manufacturers and factories, providing products of competent quality and price. Currently here has over 800 shops,60% of which offer direct sale service, yet there are more suppliers and customers attracted here to do business. Indusstry: burglar- proof doors, wooden doors, door sets, iron doors, hardwares, locks, hinges and handles

Yiwu Xingzhong Accessories and Ornaments Street

Xingzhong Accessories and Ornanaments Street located in the Xingzhong village and has  also attracted many suppliers and business all around the world. This street developed under the background of "Yiwu makets playing the leading role with surrounding special streets flourishing together"。As there are growing numbers of people crowding into yiwu markets for purchasing, the market alone no longer meets the increasing demand which leads to the being of nearby special streets like Xingzhong Accessories and Ornaments. Though the buildings and booths are not new and so much appealing,the goods inside are of high quality and cheap price. This is the reason for the existence of the Accessories and Ornaments Street.

Yiwu Shiqiaotou Interior Decoration Street

The Interior Decoration Street in Shiqiaotou is quite convenient with its location in the center Beiyuan block and next to Material Market. Shiqiaotou adopts the business mode of unified investment, renting and operation which gradually grow into a special street offering products exlubition, sales, foreign trade, warehouse and logistics service. Its main products are cuoboard, ceramics, sanitary wares, wall paper, decorative hard ware, wall tile, ceiling and stair items.

Yiwu Zhaozhai Lighters Street

Zhaozhai Street has a convenient locating near Yiwu Bingwang Transportation Center and Bingwang Market. Its four speciality streets features in calendary, photo frame, lighter, shaver, glass ware, which  have drawn lots of purchasers. The lighters in Zhaozhai has a full range of various quality. You can find high-end ones, medium and low-rank ones as well. Though the scale is not comparable as that of Yiwu international trade market, the stalls and booths here still have a daily trade record of tens of thousands yuan. The Zhaozhai street formerly was a backward village where farmers grew vegetables and rice for living. Later with the introduction of small commodity mode business, it gradually developed into the current condition.

Yiwu Lightening And Construction Materials Street

Huangyangmei Lightening and Construction Material Street has an area of 65000 square meters and locates in Huangyangmei village, Beiyuan. This special street for lights, lamps and lanterns was co-built by Yiwu Dingjian Co.LTD., and Huangyangmei Economy and Stocks Corperation. It consists of five sections, that is quality goods section, illuminant items section, outdoor lighting section, low voltage electrics section and hardware machinery section. With its convenient transportation and easy access, Huangyangmei lightening street has drawn over 150 famous brands at home and abroad. Products like light decoration, light parts, switches, insulating materials and docorative materials are handy at this street.

Yiwu Wuai Stock Market

Yiwu Stock Market located in the city of Yiwu, Zhejiang province of China. Founded in 1998. Formally run as the professional stock market in April 2010, it includes the Meihu stock market, Wuai stock market and the Time square stock market. These three group contain a total business area of 20,000 square meters, and mare than 2,000 employees. Over 5,000 visitors every day come over to find their merchandise. These are more than 300 stock companies and stores in this market. Based on the superiority of Yiwu commodities market. It collects most of the stock information from all parts of China. The turnover break easily 100,000 dollars everyday here. It make great effect for enlivening the fund of company and helping to solved the problem caused by the overstocks. Now it become the biggest professional stock market in China even the world. All the customer from all over the word are sincerely welcome to purchase in Yiwu stock market.

Location Of Yiwu

Yiwu is situated in the central of Zhejiang Province, connecting Guangdong and Fujian on the south and Shanghai on the north. It is 300 km to Shanghai and 120 km to Hangzhou which is the capital of Zhejiang. Transportation is covenient with high way and railway connecting most big and medium-sized cities. Over 20 airlines have been opened to big cities like Beijing, Hongkong, Guangzhou, etc.

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