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Bosphorus Restaurant


Bosphorus Restaurant opened its second branch in 2008 as a branch of a Turkish restaurant in Yiwu. It carefully prepared menu consists of selected breakfasts, soups, salads, cold appetizers, hot appetizers, kebab, fish, pizza, pita, stews, and varieties of desserts from Turkish, Arab, European and Asian cuisines.

地址:宾王路230No.230 Binwang Road

Sultan Restaurant

Sultan Restaurant offers the mostexquisiterange of TURKISH CUISINE!

Privilege:Get a fruit tray for free

Add: No. 475, Chouzhou North Road

Tel: +86-579-85547474

Venice Restaurant

Venice Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Yiwu City.Serve high quality western food at a reasonable price ,founded 2010 by chef  Sam from Sydney Australia .Venice restaurant offer multi culture & multinational western food such Spanish paella  , Australian steak, & Italian seafood sphghetti& pizza.

OYA Restaurant

OYA Restaurant, a Libyan fast food restaurant that opened in Beijing in 2004. Then it had a branch in Guangzhou in 2008, and until November 2017, it opened a brand in Yiwu, which is loved by Muslims from all over the world. OYA Restaurant has special set meals, special barbecue, and special Arabian sandwich that Yiwu does not have. OYA Restaurant warmly welcome all the Muslim to taste our fine food.

VATAN Restaurant

VATAN Restaurant is the first Indian restaurant of Yiwu, which has been situated in Yiwu for more than ten years. VATAN is not only popular around Indian merchants in Yiwu, it also attract the delicious food fans from all over the world to come for

dinner. The food is not covering the natural taste, but also owns the full aroma. The restaurant locates nearby the Jinmao Mansion, which is close to the Trade City, with good environment and convenient traffic.

Add: Number 368 of Chengbei Road

Istanbul Turkish Restaurant

The Arab Shisha, Turkish Barbecue, Amazing tastes in Istanbul Restaurant!

Address: Chouzhou Beilu No.533 Yiwu China

Lavender Restaurant

Lavender restaurant is a branch of a Arabic restaurant in yiwu. It carefully prepared menu consists of cooking kind eastern and western dish, salad, soup, pizza, grills, fish, and special Arabic hookah.

Address: No. 282 Chengbei Road, Yiwu


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