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Yiwu YongQi Imp&Exp Co.,ltd.

Contact: Mr.Niko

Phone&WeChat: +8613750925921


Address: F6010-6011,MingHao Building,BingJiang western Road,Yiwu,China

Your trust is very important to us, besides, because of sometimes we are busy out of office,so we suggest you contact us by email or wechat ahead of time, we promise we will reply you within 24hrs.

Note:Because of there are many harassing & spam calls in china, especially starting from+86-17...number , we won't pick up these callings unless you tell me by wechat or email in advance.

Follow is Niko's WeChat, Scan to add. It's free and convenient for communication.

Our 2nd company (Nearly to Market 1):

Yiwu Rich Imp&Exp Co.,ltd.

Address: No1119,Building C,Jinfuyuan,Chouzhou North Road,Yiwu City

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Contact: Mr. Niko

Phone: +8613750925921

Tel: WeChat:+8613750925921


Add: F6010-6011,MingHao Building,BingJiang Road,Yiwu,China

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