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  • Barbecue rack
Barbecue rack

Barbecue rack

  • Product description: Barbecue rack,yiwu Barbecue rack, Barbecue rack factory

New Barbecue rack,yiwu Barbecue rack, Barbecue rack factory

Process: Electrophoresis, Stamping, Cold Rolling
Weight: 1.8 (kg)
Whether or not to bring a grill: it's a grill/tray
Specification: 35*27*19.5 (cm)
Number of applicants: 3-5
Number: zm-001
Number of main cases: 12
Origin: Jinhua Yiwu, Zhejiang
Specification (length * width * height): 35 * 27 * 19.5 (cm)
Product Quality Grade: Excellent Products

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