• Supply Ferrite, nd-fe-b, 8-level magnet, medium-bore magnet, stationary magnet
Supply Ferrite, nd-fe-b, 8-level magnet, medium-bore magnet, stationary magnet

Supply Ferrite, nd-fe-b, 8-level magnet, medium-bore magnet, stationary magnet

  • Ferrite
  • nd-fe-b
  • Product description: Dongke Magnet Firm supplies Ferrite, nd-fe-b, 8-level magnet, medium-bore magnet, stationary magnet. Ferrite, nd-fe-b, 8-level magnet, medium-bore magnet, stationary magnet specification: , material:

 Dongke strong magnetic material factoryProfessional magnet,Magnetic materials,Development, production and sales of sintered ndfeb, sintered ferrite, rubber magnetic and soft magnetic materials.
The products produced by sintered ndfeb plant can achieve maximum magnetic energy(bh) Maxvalue48 mgoeAnd the intrinsichcCoercive force25 koe.

It can produceN33. N35. N38. N40. N45. Are N33SH. N35SH. N40SH.And other products with different performance specifications,Phi 1-Phi 120 mmThe range of circular, circular, square and shaped products, high precision products. Widely used in electronics, textile, medical equipment, micro-motors, hardware tools, toys, computers, learning appliances, luggage, leather goods, gift boxes, clothing, door suction, horn, curtain, etc.
The sintered ferrite workshop produces three high-performance arched, sheet and ring magnets. Particularly high remanence (br),High coercive(JHC)The arched magnet can be widely used in industrial electrical equipment and automotive electrical systems. It is widely used in decelerating motor, servo dc motor, automobile motorcycle starting motor, automobile door and window lift motor, rain scraper motor, seat motor, cold and warm air motor, oil pump motor, motorcycle magnetic motor, running mechanical and electrical machine, automobileAbs.System, door lock motor and power tools.
Rubber magnetic workshop production plate, ring, and other isotropic rubber magnetic. The products of the workshop can be processed into various shapes and other materials for mounting according to the requirements of customers, and widely used in electronic, network, advertising, service and other industries with high appearance requirements.
Ferrite soft magnetic workshop produces energy saving lamp electronic ballast special magnetic core, power ferrite magnetic core, high frequency low loss ferrite native magnetic core material.                                   
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