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  • Supply Low price 7 piece beauty condom packed, affordable beauty kits, personal care manicure set
Supply Low price 7 piece beauty condom packed, affordable beauty kits, personal care manicure set

Supply Low price 7 piece beauty condom packed, affordable beauty kits, personal care manicure set

  • Low price 7 piece beauty condom packed
  • affordable beauty kits
  • Product description: Yi Wu Ke Wei Cosmetic Tools Firm supplies Low price 7 piece beauty condom packed, affordable beauty kits, personal care manicure set. Low price 7 piece beauty condom packed, affordable beauty kits, pe

Brand: available for trading

Product name: Beauty Kit

Material: stainless steel

Specifications: 7 PCs

Whether it be printed LOGO:

Level: level

Wrapping and packing: according to customer requirements

Origin: Guangdong Yangjiang

Can also be produced according to customer's requirement, welcome OEM order

Product description

Stainless steel manicure set, there are nail clippers, dead skin from clamp, RASP, dead skin shovel, dug ear, double pick, eyebrow clip, such as eyebrow scissors, is a fit for business gifts, advertising gifts, promotional gifts, Conference gifts, ceremony supplies, souvenirs, gifts of value-for-money products, a wide range of uses.

PackagingPUleather, comfortable, beautiful and graceful.

Manicure set features:

Printable business advertising information such as telephone number, contact details and logo of the brand, with the nail Clipper set practical features, which are ideal for businesses to promote corporate image, brand advertising gifts!


Because beauty suit styles, affordable, convenient, elegant, price and grade to meet the high, medium and low levels of demand, so widely popular on the market!

Our product advantages

1、         全国超低价格。 2、担保交易。 3, flexible small batch sizes to order.

Receipt notices

We delivery examinations are to go through layers of packaging to logistics companies, please check the receipt and inspection, and be sure to check out what's inside is the KCRC compromising the lack, as detrimental to the deficiency requests rejection face to face so that we can claim to logistics companies. After acknowledgement lossy I deficiency is found not liable for loss incurred in logistics company failures, shipping care!

Thank you for your support and look forward to working with you again!

China international trade city, Yiwu small commodity trading can be located and 2 15019 storefront--------district 8 Street, Yiwu, Zhejiang. Not only China's largest small commodities, Yiwu purchasing and production base, but also national excellent tourism city, location and City Center, the transportation is convenient. After many years of hard work and constant development of the company, has become one of the larger procurement base, specializing in producing all kinds of scissors, hair scissors, nail scissors, hairdressing scissors, school scissors, pet shears, floral shears, rubber scissors, hairdressing tools, beauty Kit, nail pliers metal cutting products. Styles, sizes, sharp cutting edge, beautiful shape, strong technical force, the quality is stable and reliable, and cheap. Products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as Europe, America and Southeast Asia, and customers love it.                                                                          

Since its inception, excellent quality and good service are our business philosophy, always adhere to the "quality first, customer first, loyalty, cooperation, and common development" business purposes, and we spare no effort to enhance the capability of independent innovation and manufacturing of products, enhance product quality, improve sales and service, pay attention to every detail, lean production is our sincere return to customers! Continuous development and updating products, competition in the market, reputation and appreciated by our customers, welcome customers to sample custom-made products, negotiate business, joint development.

Seven piece set and accessories as shown below   


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