• Supply Latest hot Korea stationary bone shape innovation bones printable LOGO
Supply Latest hot Korea stationary bone shape innovation bones printable LOGO

Supply Latest hot Korea stationary bone shape innovation bones printable LOGO

  • Latest hot Korea stationary bone shape innovation bones printable LOGO
  • Latest hot Korea stationary bone shape innovation bones printable LOGO wholesale
  • Product description: Yiwu Shuyang Pen Industry (ballpoint pen, gel pen, marker pen, whiteboard pen, advertising pen) supplies Latest hot Korea stationary bone shape innovation bones printable LOGO. Latest hot Korea statio

The following products are really making a real, without any PS! light and display differences, changes of colors in the picture is a bit, with the material object as the standard!


Innovative creative bone shape ballpoint pen series


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 ==== Product ====

Product number:001-bone shape ballpoint pen


Length: 14.7cm

Function: learning, work, writing,

Carton size: 45*30*35CM

Weight: 10G

Packing: 100 PCs/OPP bag, 2000/case

Gross/net weight: 21/20KGS

Printing: printing

Material: ABS material

Finish: solid rod

Inside: ball-point pen refills

Price stability, changes in material costs and

Product description: LOGO pen printing according to customer requirements, metal tip


Our company has 10 years of history, is a pen-driven, research design, mold making, injection molding, manufacture of specialized pen manufacturers. Specializing in the production of high-quality, Office, study, ballpoint pens, gel pens, gift pens, advertising pens, promotional pens, whiteboards, blackboards (lights), glass pens, marker, highlighter pens, metal pens, and so on. Also features"jumper stationery company Yiwu Office", has a strong technical force and advanced production equipment, product specifications complete, variety, quality, affordable reasonable prices, excellent service and enterprises at home and abroad to establish long-term relations of cooperation. And long-term domestic and foreign new old customers withOENmanufacturing, advertising and processing. Products favored by domestic and foreign customers and praise! If you would like more detailed product information, please chat online direct with usQQ:597399204or phone0579-85162557Mrs.楼Contact.




Purchased ==== ====

This material with the new ABS, a production, not easy to crack, ball-point pen refills with Shanghai ink, antioxidant does not fade, spray with water, writing fluency, smooth, colorful, durable hard to dry.


1, price: best offer

2, refill color: black, blue, red,

3, refill specifications: common core (0.7mm 0.8mm 1.0mm)

4, packaging: blister card packing, carton packing, foreign trade, general packing

5, the date of delivery: depending on order quantity, usually25days.

6, terms of payment:When you sign a contract to pay 30%,balance of70%upon completion of the cargo, bulk photo confirmed that payment prior to shipment.  (Support PayPal transactions)

7, sample policy: existing samples gratis, courier fees to pay

8, the printing requirements: can be designed according to customer requirements, printing LOGO

9, printing fee: color printing is 0.02 Yuan, color printing to see actual LOGO before charging and plate fees for each colour of 50 Yuan (more than 100,000), course fee: 300 yuan, proofing time 5-7 days (film plate fees: 400 RMB/color, plus power costs: RMB 400, time to be determined).

10: our principles: quality first, small profits but quick turnover, integrity and honest business.

11: the company sincerely welcome domestic and foreign customers to shop to discuss.

12: the "special instructions": our all goods for manufacturers to produce its own, guarantee the lowest price and the highest quality service to customers across the country.



Prices on the goods/product delivery/product receipted/service/transaction


Logistics: are big-ticket items, it generally does not express and logistics only. If you need a small amount of samples or small purchase can express. 运输费用到付! (Paid for by the buyer)


1, no bargain no way postage, we are lean, and please do not bargain, saving both parties valuable time!


2, we are generallyShun Feng express and daily Express, Shun Feng express prices are high, time is on time, (customers may also request other courier companies, large quantity can be sent your logistics), small quantity we are committed within 24 hours of delivery, but are not guaranteed to arrive. (Because of logistics, express, are not within our control)


3, when shooting product, please indicate the need to courier company or logistics.


4, we note that took 36 hours, if there is no payment we reserve the right to close the transaction, please understand.


5, city pickup please call, don't call came only to designated locations, so as not to let everyone go, try to pick up next to our market.


6, when you take the product back, small quantity we took snow within 24 hours of delivery, we will strictly product quality assurance. (Depending on the number of delivery time)


7, when you received the goods, try under the acceptance in express delivery staff presence, box or carton for damage. If you noticed a problem in quantity or quality, please contact us immediately, we will do for you replacement and replenishment.


8, when the buyer receives the goods after products are satisfied with the quality of our services and products, please give us a praise, it's going to be for our future good customer service is the best encouragement. If there is any dissatisfaction, please review or bad review do not give us, Oh! Thank you. You can communicate with us, we will give you a satisfactory answer!


9, for the benefit of you and rest assured, we recommend using PayPal transactions.


Agricultural Bank of China Yiwu Chaoyang branch

Account number: 62284 8038 08616 Gong Xiangfeng


ABC free card: 4033 6100 1530 2556 Gong Xiangfeng


Bank of China Yiwu new world branch


Account number: 1463 6799 8011 0096 213 Gong Xiangfeng


Bank of China Yiwu economic development branch


Account number: 3857 5398 9042 Miao Juan



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