Who We Are

Yiwu YongQi is one of the best purchasing& exporting agent in Yiwu city,which have foreign trade experience more than 8 years. As a professional agent,we offer translator service, markets guider, placing the order,factory checking, goods collecting, quality checking, export service, booking room and making invitation etc. If you choose us to be your partner,that means you have an yiwu office&yiwu partner to assist you to purchase&collecting&exporting goods for you.

It's can save your time and money,improving the working effectivity. So, any cooperation mind,please feel free to contact us immediately.
a)If you have specific requirements in items,quanity,and packing etc, you can contact us by email,so that we can know your requirements clearly.

b)If you want to know about some basic informations, you can contact us by QQ/WeChat,

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Agent Service Range

We can provide all the agent service you need to export from china.Such as sourcing,Purchasing buying translation,shipping guidance,Quality inspection,Documents preparation,Declaring shipping etc. Nowdays our business scope includes all of the china, not only be limited in Yiwu.Sincerely we would be honored to build up friendship ,trust and long term cooperation with our customers.

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One Stop Service

We can pick up you from airport or strain station, looking for the goods for you,placing the order and quality checking,collecting the goods and export to you.

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Yiwu Restaurant & Living

There are many foreign restaurents in Yiwu, such as Arabian Taste, Indian Restaurents, Western Restaurents, Fast Food,HK Taste,Cafe,Chinese Restaurents,Pizza etc.

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Yiwu markets & Fairs

The market of Yiwu is in fact composed of a succession of several markets spread over the city. Since 1982, Yiwu market was founded,and directed to commodity industry with competitive price. Today, there are about twenty markets, fifty specialized commerce street, and cover an area of around 2.6 million square meters, with more than 400.000 items classified in 1900 different caregories, and had export to more than 212 countries and regions. Yiwu is the biggest supermarket in the world, but also the most important exhibition centre for small commodities.

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Our advantage

1.Yiwu YongQi has wide factories network connections. Yiwu YongQi can provide diversity products for you.
2.Yiwu YongQi accepts small/trial orders where factories allow. As we understands that business can grow & orders will get bigger step by step.

3.Yiwu YongQi always provides pre-production samples before mass production. Yiwu YongQi guarantees quality delivery.

4.Yiwu YongQi QC staff follows up with factory during mass production.

5.Yiwu YongQi ships goods at or before delivery date.

6.Yiwu YongQi accepts custom production. ODM, OEM project is most welcome.

7.Yiwu YongQi can combine different supplier's goods from different area in our warehouse for free.

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Visa Issues

Translation service & Buying

Inspection & Quality Control



Contact: Mr. Niko

Phone: 0086-13750925921

Tel: WeChat:+8613750925921

Email: agent.yiwu.china@gmail.com

Add: No 62#,Chou Guan 2 district, ChouJiang,Yiuwu,China

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